Background Edit

Twilight Sparkle was a student at Crystal Preparatory School in Canterlot. During the Friendship Games competition with Canterlot High School, Twilight was coerced in releasing a large quantity of stored Equestrian magic, resulting in her becoming a she-demon known as Midnight Sparkle. With the help of Gemini Shadow and her friends, she was able to return to her normal form. She subsequently transferred to Canterlot High School with her girlfriend, Emerald Wave.

Biography Edit

Twilight Sparkle was born in Canterlot to Night Light, the Canterlot police commissioner, and Twilight Velvet, an English professor at an Ivy League university. Twilight was an exceptionally intelligent girl for her age, and skipped fifth grade altogether, putting her in middle school at the age of 10.

Twilight had very few friends growing up, save for a small quartet of girls her own age: Moondancer, Minuette, Lemon Hearts, and Lyra Heartstrings. She also considered her older brother Shining Armor as one of her friends, and it was from he that she learned how to be an upstanding citizen. 

After finishing 8th grade, she started high school at Crystal Prep Academy, Canterlot High's closest rival. The friends she'd known growing up transferred to Canterlot High, since their parents couldn't afford CPA's tuition fees. Under the eye of Dean Cadance, Twilight was allowed to build a laboratory for her personal use in a disused classroom, and it was there that she spent most of her time.

Despite her grades, Twilight was extremely unpopular, and spent most of her freshman year being mocked and bullied by most of the other students. Shortly before winter break, she joined up with CPA's number one gang, the Rainbooms, serving as their numbers girl.

Emerald Wave started at CPA during her sophomore year, and Twilight did the best she could to keep the bullying Emerald was experiencing to a minimum, but to no avail. Emerald tried to commit suicide by jumping off the school roof one day in early October, but Twilight's arrival at the last minute was enough to rescue her, and the two became girlfriends shortly afterwards. 

After the events surrounding the Friendship Games, both girls transferred to Canterlot High and made friends with Gemini Shadow and her group of girls, leaving the halls of CPA behind once and for all.