8th Century BC Edit

  • Date unknown: The Dazzlings arrive on Earth after having been banished from Equestria by Starswirl the Bearded following an attempt at taking over Canterlot. They later appear as the sirens spoken of in Homer's Odyssey.

1850s-60s Edit

1854 Edit

  • Now living in Trottingham, Adagio Dazzle and her sisters begin a series of shows at the Savoy theatre. Sonata later falls ill with cholera, which is sweeping the Soho area where they live. The outbreak was later discovered to be because of a water pump connected to the Thames river, which had been filled with waste.

1861 Edit

  • The Dazzlings cross the ocean to North America, specifically the city of Manehattan. They later traveled the country supporting Union troops as they fought in the Civil War.

1990s Edit

1994 Edit

  • 17 October: Gemini Shadow is born in Trottingham, England.
  • 28 October: Emerald Wave is born in St. Luna, MO

1995 Edit

  • 5 December: Twilight Sparkle is born in Canterlot.

2010s Edit

2011 Edit

  • February 16th: Sunset Shimmer arrives in the human world's version of Canterlot, after fleeing the Equestrian counterpart. Just before this, she had been expelled as Celestia's student.

2012 Edit

  • December 19th: Raven Shadow and Sunset Shimmer have a fight during lunch at CHS. The fight ends with Vice Principal Luna issuing an ultimatum to both girls.

2013 Edit

  • August 12th: Gemini Shadow starts at Canterlot High. She meets Raven Shadow for the first time, as well as Longhaul Hoofer and Sunset Shimmer.
  • August 13th: Sunset Shimmer begins plotting to take over Equestria as Princess Twilight Sparkle arrives from Equestria, searching for her crown.
  • August 15th: The Fall Formal is held, culminating in the defeat of Sunset Shimmer and the return of Princess Twilight to Equestria.
  • August 16th: Gem visits the Canterlot Gender Clinic to begin hormone replacement therapy.
  • Week of August 19th: Sunset Shimmer begins the long path to reformation with the help of Longhaul, Gem, and Raven.
  • December 24th: Sunset spends her first Christmas with Gem and Raven.

2014 Edit

  • February 17: The Dazzlings arrive at CHS and begin stirring up trouble.
  • February 19: The Dazzlings are defeated by the Mystical Gallopfreyans and disappear, only to be found by Longhaul not long after.
  • March 7: Aria puts her revenge plan against Gem and Raven into action.