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The Orion Chronicles is the first book, and series, in the wider Shadowverse continuity, and tells the story of Orion Shadow, a grey-furred unicorn noble from the city of Trottingham, and his many adventures as a protector of Equestria.

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  1. That Fatal Kiss
  2. A Helping Hoof
  3. A Bug's Life
  4. Appleoosan Honeymoon
  5. Revenge of the Changelings
  6. Into the Swarm
  7. The Twin Dilemma
  8. The Oncoming Storm
  9. The Equality Paradox
  10. A Bond in Time
  11. From Moscolt With Love
  12. Unity Rises
  13. His Last Vow
  14. Army of the Dead
  15. Crystalline Shadows

Bonus Stories Edit

  1. Werewolves of Ponyville
  2. Her Majesty's Shadow
  3. Through the Mirror
  4. Resurgence of the Changelings

Plot Arc Edit

The anthology traces various events in Orion's life:

  • His first meeting with Raven Sable, the mare who will become his wife.
  • His marriage to Raven and eventual move to Ponyville, and his first meeting with Longhaul Hoofer.
  • Early confrontations with the changelings, including the large invasion depicted in "Revenge of the Changelings" and the Crown's attempt at a diplomatic mission, seen in "Into the Swarm."
  • Confrontations with Lager Hops, an identical unicorn with designs on rulership of Equestria, and Blackclaw, leader of the Manehattan gang Raven was previously a member of.
  • Orion becoming a spy. Various missions are depicted in chapters 9-13.
  • Raven's death, seen in Chapter 11.
  • Orion's own death at the end of Chapter 13.
  • An introduction to his great-granddaughter, Artemis Tenebrae, whom he mentors as a spirit, depicted in Chapters 14 and 15.

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