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The Longhaul Chronicles is a series of short stories detailing the career of Longhaul Hoofer, bus driver for Canterlot High School, from the time he was hired to his departure from Canterlot to settle in Appleloosa.

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  1. The New Hire - Principal Celestia interviews a candidate for an open bus driver position, one Longhaul Hoofer. Also shows Longhaul's first day on the job.
  2. Out With the Old, In With the New - Changes come to Canterlot High, with Longhaul being promoted to lead driver and a new vice-principal arriving.
  3. Building the Future from the Shards of the Past - Longhaul is tasked with overseeing a student's punishment after her demonic rampage.
  4. Peace Is How We Make It - Three starving, destitute, and desperate girls arrive on Longhaul's doorstep.
  5. The Last Stop - Longhaul decides to retire, facing personal issues and advancing age.
  6. Roll On Down the Highway - Longhaul plays chauffeur on Gem and the gang's cross-country summer fling.
  7. Mama, I'm Coming Home (Whether You Want Me To Or Not) - Longhaul heads back to his hometown to find closure with his past.
  8. Catching Up - Celestia, Luna, and Longhaul spend an Friday night with food and conversation.
  9. The Letter - Longhaul writes to Gemini in Manehattan.
  10. I Love the Nightlife - Luna and Longhaul go on a 'date' in Celestia's absence.
  11. Stars Shining Bright Above You - Longhaul and Luna spend a romantic weekend at Camp Everfree.
  12. Final Exam - Luna and Longhaul are getting serous in their relationship. Celestia needs to see just how strong those bonds are.
  13. It Comes in the Night - Something has come over Longhaul, and Luna is the only one that can help him.
  14. I'll Meet You Any Time You Want - Longhaul and Gemini have a talk during Gem's visit to Canterlot.
  15. The Promotion - Luna gets promoted to principal of Canterlot High. What does it mean for her relationship with Longhaul?
  16. Knowing Me, Knowing You - After his relationship with Luna ends, Longhaul decides to head south to Appleloosa.

A foreword and author's notes are also included.

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Chapters 3 through 6 were previously published in Volumes 1, 2, and 3 of the Equestria Girls series, while Chapter 8 was originally published in Equestria Girls: The Side Stories. They are included here because Longhaul was featured primarily in the main storyline.

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