Overview Edit

Lieutenant (j.g.) Sonata Dusk is the primary helmsperson serving aboard the USS Endeavour.

Biography Edit

The youngest member of the siren trio, Sonata was known for periodically incredible ditziness when she was younger, though she later mellowed out of that. Her favorite hobby is cooking, with a special emphasis on Mexican dishes, particularly the taco. The unspoken rule aboard the Endeavor is to wait until after Sonata has had her fill of them on Tuesdays, on point of angry siren attacks.

Musically, Sonata is the highest-singing of the group, with a soprano voice. For reasons no one can entirely explain she has a strange obsession with musical show tunes, and will belt them out at any given opportunity, periodically in Spanish, a language in which she is fluent.

Her Academy training led her to fill the role of Helmswoman once she arrived aboard the Endeavor. Drawing on a siren’s knack for echolocation similar to that of dolphins, she was able to switch between screens much quicker than her classmates, thus getting the ship moving that much faster, a plus in a hostile situation. Additionally, she shares Aria’s quick reflexes in targeting and guiding systems, making her a natural fit for weapons backup.

Appearance Edit

Magenta eyes, bright blue hair streaked with darker blue, pale blue skin. Typically seen in 2390s-era Starfleet Command uniform.

Temperament and Interspecies Relationships Edit

Sonata is by far the bubbliest of her sisters, and ever optimistic. It is said that her presence aboard the Endeavor is such that even bad days on the bridge are improved by her smile, jokes, and easy laughter. She knows the birthdays of the 128 crew members aboard, and sends greetings to each of them.

Her cheerful personality has led her to be the most sociable out of the main bridge crew, she knows at least one person in every department. In her off-duty hours she can be found entertaining the masses with a selection of show tunes accompanied by piano, or continuing to refine her cooking skills. When the ship chef took sick one day, she replaced him for a week.

She is currently engaged to the ship's chief medical officer, Dustin Hoofer.