The exterior of the house. Two sets of gates are placed at either end of the driveway.

Shadowfall Manor is the home of the Shadow family and its various permutations across different realities.


It is a large house with two main floors and a spacious basement, with a pair of gargoyle statues perched on either side of the main front doors.

The main floor of the house consists of a kitchen, sitting room, an entry hall, and a second bathroom. Off the kitchen is the library, and off the sitting room is a doorway to the basement downstairs. The upstairs level is comprised mainly of bedrooms, with a private study. 

Equestria-Only AspectsEdit

The Equestria version of the house features, among other things, an entire secret agent facility in the basement, accessed through a doorway leading downstairs, and a second hallway filled with doors. The house was later converted into a museum following Orion's death. Visitors to the museum report seeing his ghostly self wandering the hallways and chatting to the tourists.

Human World-Only AspectsEdit

In the human world, Gem has her bedroom on the second floor. Its color scheme consists of dark blues, dark greens, and some silvers a few shades darker than her own skin. The basement is also a home movie theater, whose main entrance door has been painted to resemble a police box. 

Other NotesEdit

  • The types of books and other knick-knacks Gem and Orion keep are remarkably consistent across all realities.
  • In a timeline briefly visited by Orion and Steno, the house was used as a military installation for the ongoing battle with an evil, god-like version of Raven.
  • In a separate timeline in which Chrysalis' invasion in "Revenge of the Changelings" was not prematurely ended by the rescued Royal Sisters, the house was heavily modified to become a smaller changeling hive. Ponyville itself became Orion's personal fiefdom after his conversion into a changeling.
  • The Equestria house was briefly visited by Gem in the story "Resurgence of the Changelings." Much was made of the similarities between the two.
  • The human world version of the house was completely mechanized in an alternate ending to the story "Cyber-Students," in which the entire population of Equestria was transformed into cybernetic humans. Charging stations were added to the kitchen since cyborgs don't require sustenance, and the bathroom became a recreation center.