Background Edit

Raven Sable is a student at Canterlot High School.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

Raven is the second child of Albicollis and Mellori Sable. Her home life wasn't a happy one, with the family being ravaged by the alcoholism of her parents and the constant abuse from her father. She found comfort with her older brother, Corvus, who would offer her shelter from the troubles around them.

As the family unit disintegrated, Raven spent less and less time at home, staying instead with friends. She formed a gang of sorts, called "The Flock," where she learned to fight and developed her streetwise attitude. She gained a reputation as a troublemaker, starting fights and acting out in school, earning her many detentions. Corvus, now a college student, took Raven out of Manehattan and settled her in Canterlot, where he became her legal guardian. She was enrolled in Canterlot High School.

At CHS Edit

Raven's reputation as a troublemaker followed her to CHS. She quickly formed a rivalry with that school's top bully, Sunset Shimmer, culminating in a brutal fight at the end of her first semester. In the aftermath, she was faced with a choice: shape up or be expelled.

Afher being held back a year due to her conduct and poor grades, Raven found her saving grace in the form of Gemini Shadow, a high-class girl from Trottingham who didn't care one bit for the trappings of nobility. Gem's warm, sweet demeanour led to a shift in personality for Raven, as her grades picked up, the fights stopped, and she formed a friendship with the bully who had once tormented her.