Background Edit

Dusty (Longhaul) Hoofer was the lead school bus driver for Canterlot High School. Formerly an over-the-road truck driver, he settled in Canterlot following his retirement from the trucking industry. Hired by Principal Celestia not long afterwards, he made a name for himself for being prompt and punctual in his duties, and as a confidant to the students who sought him out for advice and assistance.

Early Years Edit

Not much is known about Longhaul's early years. He will only say he grew up in a small town eat of New Hayven, and would talk about trips to Manehattan in his youth. He held a variety of jobs, including emergency medical technician and volunteer firefighter, before settling into a career in trucking. This caused a rift with his parents, who wanted him to seek a more upscale profession. He has stated that the day he left to drive truck was the last time he ever saw or spoke directly to his parents.

He was married for a time, but later divorced her when he found her cheating on him while he was on the road. He started a new life with only the clothing he carried in his truck, and became well-known and respected in his profession. He continued driving for close to half of his life before settling in Canterlot, a town he had delivered to many times before.