The human world is the place where the vast majority of stories in the Equestria Girls series take place. It is similar to the world featured in the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls film series, as the humans depicted have multicolored skin tones similar to those of ponies. Due to the lack of information in the movies about the world beyond the city of Canterlot, writers Christa and Longhaul chose to use the real world as a template to work off of. Various real world cities have been replaced with pony-style counterparts, as listed below.

Known Cities (and equivalents) Edit

  • Canterlot, MD > Baltimore, MD
  • Whinnyapolis, MN > Minneapolis, MN
  • New Hayven, CT > New Haven, CT
  • Saint Luna, MO > Saint Louis, MO
  • Trottingham, England > London, England
  • Las Pegasus, NV > Las Vegas, NV
  • Manehattan, NY > New York, NY

Cities of Importance Edit

Canterlot Edit

Located in the state of Maryland, Canterlot is the city where the majority of the Equestria Girls stories take place. It is home to two known schools, Canterlot High and Crystal Prep Academy. The city is divided into 20 districts, and a candidate in a mayoral campaign must capture 11 districts at minimum in order to become mayor-elect.

Trottingham Edit

Located in southeast England, Trottingham is the capital city of that country and the birthplace of Gemini Shadow. The Dazzlings lived in the city for several years, including during the great cholera outbreak of 1854.

New Hayven Edit

The city of New Hayven, located in the southern part of the state of Connecticut, sits east of the major metropolis of Manehattan. To the east of New Hayven are a series of small towns and, along the coast, fishing villages. Longhaul Hoofer was born and raised in one of these villages, and worked for a short time in New Hayven as an emergency medical technician.