Gemini Shadow, or Gem for short, is the lead protagonist of the Equestria Girls series. She is the human world's equivalent to Orion Shadow

Biography Edit

She was born in the city of Trottingham to Azul Shadow and Indigo Blaze, prominent people in the upper echelons of that city's social circle. While her home life was relatively stable, she didn't see very much of her father as he was busy being the mayor of Trottingham, leaving young Gem to be raised mostly by her mother and succession of nannies and hired help. The family estate, Coltsworth Manor, was where she spent the majority of her time.

Gem is transgender, a fact that has played a very significant role in her life story. Since her parents did not know she was transgender, she entered male puberty at age 14, which made her feel even more dysphoric than ever. A year later, at age 15, she moved to Canterlot to pursue transition without fear of parental reaction or discrimination by school authorities.

While a student at Canterlot High, she started the Rainbow Alliance, an after-school club for other LGBTQ students. She came out as trans to her parents around her 18th birthday, and received a hostile reaction from her mother and a generally positive one from her father.

After graduating CHS, she and her friends moved to Manehattan, where they shared an apartment together while pursuing various careers or, in her case, further education to become a schoolteacher.

Appearance Edit

Gem has pale grey skin, green eyes, and long brown hair that extends to the middle of her back. She typically decorates it with a pink flower band. Her usual outfit consists of a dark blue blouse, with white ruffles around her legs, white socks, and black boots. Around her neck is a necklace with a pocket watch shaped locket, in which she keeps a picture of herself and Raven.

Personality Edit

Gem's personality has evolved quite a bit over the years. As a child, she was very shy and nervous, and had few friends. She spent most of her early school days with her cousin, Carrie, acting as her protector and in many ways, her only real friend.

After her move to Canterlot, she met Raven and began to become happier and more outgoing. As her transition she continued, she felt what she could only describe as "things finally being put where they belonged."