Equestria Girls Volume 2, The Girls of Crystal Prep is the second book in the Equestria Girls series, and continues the adventures of Gemini Shadow and her friends. In this new book, the characters Twilight Sparkle and Emerald Wave are added to the group.

Chapters Edit

  1. The Friendship Games
  2. Dinner at Longhaul’s
  3. The New Wondercolts
  4. The Sleepover
  5. Legend of Everfree
  6. Bank On It
  7. The Big Bang Theory
  8. Friendship Is Music
  9. Gem’s Birthday
  10. The Assistant
  11. Across the Universe
  12. Planet of the Cyber-Ponies
  13. Embrace the Darkness: Part 1
  14. Embrace the Darkness: Part 2
  15. Embrace the Darkness: Part 3
  16. Trial of a Time Lady

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