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Equestria Girls: The Side Stories is a collection of short vignettes, usually written as filler following the main story-writing sessions. Some of these are continuations of main stories, written as a follow-up; or as a side scene to bridge two chapters. Many of these are non-canon short stories intended to stand on their own merits.

Chapter List Edit

  1. Time and Relative Dimensions in Song
  2. Schoolhouse of Cards
  3. Trixie's Time Trick
  4. The Letter
  5. Take These Broken Wings and Learn To Fly
  6. Gem vs The Bigots
  7. Vision Quest
  8. Trapped In Equestria
  9. Pumpkin Pandemonium
  10. The Eight Little Mermaids
  11. Mystery Friendship Theater 3000
  12. The Princess Who Stayed Behind
  13. Cyber-Students 2: Total Conversion
  14. Rubies and Rainbooms
  15. The Story of the Reformed and Curious Trixie, the Pony That Went Through the Magic Mirror and Spooked a Lot of Girls Because the Human Trixie Was Deceaed and She Looked a Lot Like That Girl ("It's a working title...")
  16. Resurgence of the Changelings

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