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Crystal Prep Academy exterior EG3

Exterior of Crystal Prep, looking toward the main entrance.

Crystal Preparatory Academy (Crystal Prep, or CPA) is a private school in the northwestern (and affluent) section of Canterlot, Maryland. Principal Abacus Cinch serves as headmistress, and Mi Amore Cadenza serves as dean of students. The school attracts those with exceptional abilities in academia and athletics, and students are constantly driven to not only succeed, but excel and dmoniate all comers in any form of competition. Their chief rival is Canterlot High School, located in the eastern part of Canterlot.

The school serves as a setting during Volume 2, The Girls of Crystal Prep.

In an alternate universe explored in the story "Schoolhouse of Cards," the school served as the exit point for the Equestria portal, and it was where that world's versions of Gemini, Raven, Emerald, Twilight, Sunset, and the Dazzlings all went to school. Those girls became magical demons thanks to the cannibalized remains of Princess Twilight's Element of Harmony, and briefly intruded upon the prime EG universe, only to be defeated.